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Vanco Services Online Giving

In late 2014 the Diocese of Maine started using Vanco Services, a online giving company that specializes in faith-based donations, to raise funds for the Advent Campaign to assist workers affected by the closing of the Verso paper mill in Bucksport.  Camp Bishopswood has also used it as the online option for making donations to their septic project.

A number of our Maine congregations have also begun using Vanco for online giving. Several other dioceses across the Episcopal Church use Vanco as well.

Vanco often holds promotions that waives the $50.00 start-up fee, including one going on through the end of July. However, our sales rep says, in case they aren’t running an official promotion, to simply ask for the fee to be waived.

There are three monthly price plans for congregations depending on your size: $5.00, recommended for churches with fewer than 100 members; $25.00, for churches between 100 and 300 members; and $50.00 per month for churches with more than 300 members.

Services included in each of the three plans include:

  • a customized giving page that handles both donations by eCheck and Debit/Credit cards
  • mobile giving
  • option to set recurring donations
  • option to set multiple funds for different purposes (e.g. general giving, Easter flower fund, mission trip fund, etc…)

Extras to add to your account include giving by text and a donation kiosk (a dedicated iPad/Tablet located in your entrance hall)

Below find information sheets on the various aspects as well as documents to share with your Vestry or Bishop’s Committee.

There are many other online giving options available to congregations besides Vanco and we urge you to research other options as well. We’re offering information here because the diocesan office has had a good experience and received excellent training and support from this company, and feel it is a good match for our congregations interested in pursuing online donations.

For more information, please contact the Diocese of Maine’s sales representative at Vanco:
Our reps are Judy, Ryan, and Aaron
Bloomington, MN

Electronic Giving for Faith Based Organizations (over view flyer)

Mobile Giving


Give by Kiosk  How it Works

Give by Text ($25 extra per month)

Case Studies:

Positive Impact of eGiving on Church Finances

Seniors Embrace Electronic Giving (Trinity Episcopal Church, Asheville, NC)

eGiving Success Strategies

Materials to share with your Vestry or Bishop’s Committee

Strengthening Stewardship with Electronic Giving (short presentation) or eBook (expanded version)

Or this video

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