Episcopal Asset Map

The Episcopal Asset Map is a joint project of The Episcopal Church and Episcopal Relief & Development. 

The success of this map depends on you! As you explore the map, please take a moment to find your church or institution. If you believe the information found there is incomplete or inaccurate, click on the “Update this Place” icon. You don’t need a login! It will open up to a form for you to submit changes. Once your suggested changes are approved, they will appear on the updated map.

Rembering to update this national map will help spread the word about your church and ministries and website! It is highly visited during holidays so make sure your entry is up-to-date.

Share your church general information and ministries in 6 easy steps:

  • Find your diocese on the list HERE
  • Find your church pin or name (by using the “LIST” tab) on the map
  • Click your church name
  • Click “Update this Place”
  • Areas to complete are listed on the left; click to open
  • Enter new information
  • Click “Save and Submit” box in the lower-left hand corner

A Diocesan Map Administrator will review your submission (to make sure it’s actually from someone at your parish) and publish your content. 

Diocese of Maine on the Asset Map

We incorporated this map into Maine’s diocesan website. Visit episcopalmaine.org and click on “Find A Church” here to check out the map. Follow the instructions above to make changes.

Use the Asset Map to help people find your live stream

Wouldn’t it be great if information about fellow congregations offering live streamed worship services was easy to find? It can be by using the search function of the map on Episcopalmaine.org! But it depends on you.

When you are updating your church’s worship times, be sure to include whether or not you are live streaming this service by selecting “live stream” in addition to “English” in the “Worship Language” field.

This will make it easy for others to select “live stream” from the language menu of the search bar and join your service!

Find detailed instructions here.